During the last few weeks a lot of things have happened, so here's a little update:

Firstly we are proud to tell you that we have recorded our new cd. We locked ourselves away in the Soundlodge Studio for a week and recorded our new songs with Jörg Uken behind the mixing desk. The final mix will be finished soon and then we will put one of the songs up on our MySpace player, so check back regulalry!

Secondly we have had to move our Website. That's why the site wasn't available for the last few days and you were re-directed to MySpace automatically. Unfortunately we lost our guestbook due to the site transfer, so please leave any comments directly on our Myspace page. The link for this has moved to the menu bar.

That's it for now. All news about the CD will be posted here as soon as we know it.

We have found a new guitarist!!! His name is Lutz Neemann. Some Metalheads know Lutz from his other Band called BATTUE. But there he plays the drums.

After more than 4 years Marcel has decided to leave The Damnation. And if that wasn't bad enough, we also have to tell you that just after a few months with The Damnation,  Alex has decided to leave also. Due to personal reasons they do not have enough time for the band and so they have decided to take this sad step..

We regret the decision of Marcel and Alex alot and wish them all the best for their future.

So the positions of the guitarist and the singer are open. If you are interested then send an email to info@thedamnation.de.

We have found a Shouter!!! The new man is Alexander Lippert. His last stations were ANGRBADA and ASTRAY.

We have new Shirts and HSW for sell! For order please send a message to us (info@thedamnation.de).

T-Shirt "Into The Pits Of Hell", S - XXL for 12,- EUR (+ postage)!!!

HSW "Into The Pits Of Hell", S - XXL for 20,- EUR (+ postage)!!!

Special Offers:

T-Shirt + CD for only 17,- EUR (+ postage)!!!

Kapuzenpulli + CD for only 25,- EUR (+ postage)!!!

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We have a new MySpace-URL: http://www.myspace.com/thedamnationmetal.

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We finished 12 songs for our new album. With these songs we made a preproduction wich will be finished very soon. The songs are typicall THE DAMNATION - brutal & catchy! In comparison to ITPOH there will be more solis and better arrangements on it.

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Finally we did it - we recorded 11 deathrash tracks in the glory halls of the Soundlodge studios. The sound will crush your ears and the songs will crush yours necks!
The album will be called 'Into The Pits Of Hell' and will be released in the beginning of june. Order-informations coming soon...

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After our pre-recording for our full-length debut we will go to the studio in september. The album will released in the end of this year. Look forward for some fucking deathrashing metal!!

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We have written 8 new songs which will come in form of a new album as soon as possible. We are not sure about the release date and the title but beware - The Damnation are more brutal and fast than ever! Look on the music site and you will found a new song of Power and Destruction!

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Pictures from Metal Party Vol. XVI in Leer online [> Gallery]

Since 13th september 2004 our new Homepage is online! Best thanx to the creator – Christian Pansch!

Important innovations are:

• new design
• new logo
• english part
• pictures

We say thank you and: "Das kann Keiner besser".

More News:
On the 4th september we played on a birthdayparty live. This was fucking great – we met nice people, drunk some beer and kicked ass. Best thanx for this event goes out to the guys that organized this party and to the band Spanx for the backline! See you next year! Look for some pictures under pics

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On Sep. 18th the Metal Party Vol. XVI with THE DAMNATION, MATHYR, CONTRADICTION and MORDRAK in Leer (Jugendzentrum Leer) will blast your head! There are tickets for EUR 6,- in the advance booking and EUR 8,- at the evening cash. For more information visit JUZ-Seite.

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From now on Marcel Rabenstein will be playing the second guitar.

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Our new bassist is Lars Gronemeier.

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