In 1996 the Band Damnation was founded by Michael Meyer (guitar, vocals, bass) and Swen Ludwigs (drums). With this name the first Demotape “Heat” was released in 1997, which included seven raw Death/ Thrash songs.

Between 1998 and 2003 the band was put on hold, because at the time Michael and Swen were concentrating on other projects like ACT OF FATE and POINT ZERO.

In the End of 2003 the band Damnation was restarted and brought back to life under a "new flag" named THE DAMNATION. In 2004 the 5-Track Demo 'Into The Underworld' was released, which got predominantly positive reactions in the underground.

In the middle of 2004 the line-up of THE DAMNATION was added to by Lars Gronemeier on bass and Marcel Rabenstein on guitar.

In the following months they worked consistently on new material while playing numerous gigs (w/ DISFEAR, DEADBORN or SUFFERAGE). In March/April 2006 the debut-album 'into the pits of hell' was recorded in the Soundlodge Studio of Jörg Uken.

In October 2008 Marcel left the band and Lutz Neemann adopted the open position on guitar.

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