1. Addicted To Cruelty

kill for the thrill
cause your soul is gone
come and touch the needle
so you`ll talk the truth
come and feel the poison flowing through your veins
let us see your reason
why do you make them pay
why do you make them pay with their lifes

i`m oblivious to nothing
i`m addicted to cruelty
i`m eternal i am evil
i`m the beast inside us all

the insanity inside is more than your soul can take
senseless human being feel the pain divine

act of murder
makes me smile again
forgive my soul in heaven
and tears fall from the sky
is this the godly sign
- yes i believe

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2. The Reaper

realms of the unknown lifeform
to live with a secret
your life is lost
it`s the time to let the curtain fall

living in fear day by day
the future is lost
your life is gone
terrorized soul
suffering forever
dehumanized feelings
are taking control

the reaper - will eat your soul
the reaper will tear you down

frightened to death
you beg for forgiveness
you plead on your knees
where is your saviour
the hell you`re living
creation of your own
your conscience awakes

no rest for the wicked
merciless am i
torment their souls
with evil in your eyes

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3. Reflections

reflections in the sky
the clouds of death arrive
waiting for the call
the day of doom has come

walk through the fire
fulfil your desire
the end is near
noone knows
punishment for your sins
schizoid thoughts
of an insane mind

no remedy against
the deadly poison breed
your last heartbeat has just begun
hell now opens the gate for you
say goodbye forever

infected souls
paralysed by fear
waiting to die

standing on the altar
a sacrifice is made
flesh for the gods
the high priest is waiting

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4. Rise

come to my sacred place
where flowers are weed
where the sun won`t shine anymore
there grows the evil seed

rise - gonna wake the dead tonight
rise - the dead shall rise again

candles are burning
the moon is full
the ceremony now has begun
magic breath of the demon
cold touch of death
is freezing your soul

the creatures of horror are real

damned forever
I`m falling through time

dead bodies
dancing on their graves
utopia denied
by the formula of the undead

secret wish to live forever
it comes alive on the other side
nonfiction but a dream
waking me every night

the creatures of horror are real

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5. Into The Underworld

into the world
of devils and ghouls
of angels and lust
of feeling the unknown
there lies the truth
in hell you`re forced
the pale one knew
the future is ours

hypocrisy has failed
the kingdom - awake
forsaken emperor
the legions are gone

sleeping god awake
the fire in the sky
the growling thunder - yeah
tearing down the wall
cursed is the soul of man
by an unseen force
cleanse them from impurity
the gift of hell

forsaken emperor
where are your legions now
forsaken emperor...

give them your blessings
your blessings of death
to enter the realm of the emperor
the horned one is waiting
waiting for your soul to take

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